Police Investigating Fake Sharia Law Letter In Dandenong Mailboxes

Don't believe them!

Sarah Bol

13 February 2019

Sarah Bol

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Detectives are looking at fake and offensive letters put in Dandenong mailboxes, pretending to be from council - claiming the law is changing due to Islam.

The letters look official and falsely claim the council is introducing new bylaws influenced by Islam; they have been delivered in the Bayside area and in Blackrock.

The false claims include that businesses must be halal, women should cover their arms and hair, and that alcohol is banned during Ramadan.

Inspector Mark Langhorn says the letters are more than just an insensitive prank:

“My view is someone’s got a sick and twisted mind. Originally I thought it was just some clown with a joke, but they’ve to some great extent when you look at the letter from researching it to going out to deliver it. All I can say is they are quite malicious in their intent to incite hatred towards the muslim community. 

He said it was particularly malicious towards the local council as well.

“Dandenong Council pride themselves on the diversity of religion and race and cultures in their community – they are a really inclusive council. They are upset their letterhead is being used to spread this propaganda.

He said it’s hard to know how far and wide the letters have been delivered, but the letters have also been posted on Facebook.

Now police are asking anyone who's gotten one to contact Crimestoppers and take it to their local station so it police can investigate –if anyone has CCT police would also love the opportunity to check to see who has delivered the letters.

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