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It’s taken me about fifty minutes to write this first sentence.

In the time I opened my laptop to work to this point RIGHT BLOODY NOW I have breastfed twice, taken my toddler for a poo, tried to settle my six month old for the tenth time, offered my three year old $100 cash to leave me alone, opened the gate to the playground to let her in, opened the gate to let her out, continued to do this 37186396 times, copped a bunch of judgmental looks from other Mum’s because I keep informing my three year old that “I have to work and I can’t push you on the swing right now, sorry darling”, had three sips of my (used to be) hot coffee, begged my three year old to take my phone and watch whatever the hell she wants to (“You want to watch Game Of Thrones? Sure honey!”) and cried in the public bathroom.

Motherhood is hard. I love it, but it’s hard. You can feel every emotion on the spectrum of emotions within a three-minute time span. You don’t expect it to be like this. We think being a Mum is all about having a miniature version of ourselves that we take out for coffee dates and dress up in matching outfits. But what you don’t realise is that 1. A miniature version of yourself is karma, and not the good kind. And 2. Toddlers would rather die than sit still and let you enjoy your coffee date.

No wonder birth is hard. It’s a metaphor for Motherhood; the myriad of emotions, the intensity, the pain, the swearing out our partner that “YOU DID THIS TO ME”. But most importantly it shows us that no matter how effing hard it gets- you can get through it. Does it get more empowering than that!? Some births are traumatic, some births don’t go to plan, some births go exactly to plan, some births last 36 hours, some births last 45 minutes and some births can last 3 years of waiting for an adoption to finalise.

Birth looks different for everyone, but the intensity is the same.

When Anthea emailed me with her birth story I knew that I had to have her on the podcast for a chat. I was obsessed with her passion! She felt so empowered! So in control! So in LOVE with the experience! Her perception of birth is so beautiful and inspiring. We chatted all about her birth and how our birth experience can translate into Motherhood.

We also spoke a little about her a**hole. But it wouldn’t be a Please, Ask Mikki episode without a bit of butthole chat.

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8 November 2019

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