PM Says Interstate Travel Should Be Back By Christmas

Proper summer holidays

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison says interstate travel should be back by Christmas, with life returning to normal once hit 80 per cent fully vaxxed.

The PM has told the Herald Sun we should look forward to being reunited with friends and family in other states.

We could see proper summer holidays, large family Christmas meals, nights out with friends, New Years Eve parties and more. 

Right now, almost 38 per cent of Aussies are double-dosed and 62 per cent have had one dose. 

Almost half a million doses of Pfizer are expected to arrive in Australia from the UK today.

They're part of the 4 million Canberra has secured to arrive this month.

The need for dry ice transportation means the doses “will come to Australia in rolling waves.”

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Amber Lowther

4 September 2021

Article by:

Amber Lowther

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