Pink Rose Succulents Are The Low-Maintenance Plants Your Life Needs

Are you a bad plant parent?

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When it comes to adulting, looking after household plants has to be one of the most difficult things…

You water them a day late and suddenly they’ve shrivelled up and died on us. 


While they’re a pain to look after, they’re splendid to have around the house, not only because they’re gorgeous, but they also help to make us happier and healthier!  

If you’re like us and your plant-parenting skills mirror your Tamagotchi-parenting skills, then we may have found the perfect plant for you: pink rose succulents. 


Succulents are one of the most low-maintenance plants around and these rare and colourful ones are a unique touch to any home. 

They’re also known as mountain roses and originate from the Canary Islands, growing up to six inches tall. 

The greenovia dodrentalis comes in blue and green hues, but the pink is most rare of all. 


You can purchase them online and even buy seeds so that you can grow them yourself (they can take almost two years to look like roses, though)!

You can browse Etsy for some options or head to your local florist or nursery to get your hands on one of these beauties!


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9 August 2019

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