Pimp your Tinder profile and find yourself a Valentine!

The do's & don'ts of Tinder

22 January 2018

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According to Social Media News online, 3 million Australians are using Tinder to find themselves a special someone. Whether that’s for a night or long-term, we aren’t sure.

But what we are sure of is making sure your Tinder profile is on point in the lead up to Valentine's Day! Here are our what’s hot and what’s not to pimp your profile in time to find a Valentine this February:



  • If you’re a pet person include them – it shows the ladies you can take care of someone be responsible.
  • A bio that is true to what you’re looking for – don’t make it a DaVinci Code game. If you’re after a date, say that. If you’re after a one night stand, say that.


  • Lose the photos holding fish! Ewww. The ladies aren’t looking for a fish to spend their time with!
  • Group photos aren’t going to cut the mustard mate – this isn’t where’s Waldo!


  • A photo that’s taken by someone else (not a selfie) it gives viewers an idea of your personality because they can see your sense of style and the way you carry yourself.
  • Connect your Insta to your profile – superficial, we know, but this will help to weed out the wrong sort!


  • Lose the group photos – it’s your profile, not yours. You do you, girrrrrl!
  • An essay for your bio is not necessary! A few sentences that are 100% YOU – don’t be basic by just listing your profession, it isn’t a resume.


Good luck, lovers! Happy Valentine's Day x

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