Pilgrim Coffee Destroyed In Fire Over Night

Award-winning owner devastated

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The beloved Hobart café, Pilgrim Coffee, has suffered serious fire damage overnight, just 1 day before the shop’s 7th birthday. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation by authorities.

20 residents living in accommodation above the store were evacuated before 11pm last night as the shop went up in flames. No one was seriously injured, although some suffered from smoke inhalation. Emergency Services took around an hour to control the fire, after being notified by a staff member of an adjoining drinks bar.

Will Priestly, award-winning barista and owner of Pilgrim Coffee, was obviously devastated by the incident, and expressed concern for the future of his 15 employees.

Customers of the coffee shop took to social media to share their grief at the news, calling it a sad day for the coffee lovers of Hobart.

Ebony Reeves

27 August 2018

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Ebony Reeves

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