Pilbara Grandmother Sentenced To Jail Over Multiple Drug Offences

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A 44-year-old Pilbara grandmother has been sentenced to jail time for using social media to sell drugs while caring for her grandchild. 

Phillipa Bolton has been issued a prison sentence over 20 drug-related charges including two counts of possessing drug paraphernalia, nine counts of offering to sell or supply meth and another for possession of cannabis. 

The 44-year-old was found to be dealing methamphetamine through social media platform Facebook, to fuel her own drug habit. 

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The crimes occurred while MS Bolton was caring for her partner's grandchild. 

Ms Bolton appeared before the Karratha Magistrate's Court on Wednesday where she was sentenced to eight months in prison. 

The court heard that police attended Ms Bolton's property at around 1PM on Monday with a warrant for the misuse of drugs, where they found a box with a 1g and 0.7g bag of meth inside, alongside a set of scales. 

Police also located a four oxytocin tablets, 11g of cannabis, $1085 and a Mentos container which contained three 0.3g bags of meth. 

A brand new 75 inch Samsung TV was also located which Bolton later admitted she traded a 0.2g bag of meth for. 

Police discovered messages in Bolton's phone that show the 44-year-old had used Facebook messenger to sell drugs over a three-month period. 

Ms Bolton has been the primary caregiver for her grandchild, who is believed to have foetal alcohol spectrum disorder. 

Ms Bolton has been sentenced to eight months. 

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Georgie Marr

25 August 2021

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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