PHOTOS: More Cargo Ship Debris Discovered

The massive clean up continues..

7 June 2018

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Aerial surveillance has helped uncover more parts of Port Stephens covered with debris from the containers that fell overboard from a cargo ship a week ago.

Authorities have used helicopters to find rubbish at new remote beaches and rocky outcrops between Hawks Nest and Mungo Brush.

More than 100 cubic metres of debris - which is the equivalent of almost one quarter of an Olympic swimming pool - has already been removed from the water and shoreline.

“Significant progress has been made by those cleaning up Boulder Bay, Rocky Point, Jimmys Beach and Bennetts Beach," RMS director Angus Mitchell said.

“However, if submersed containers rupture or the tides change, it could cause another wave of rubbish," he said.

“One of the three teams located a number of tyres on the ocean floor at Rocky Point and managed to remove 12 of these. Divers will return to the location to remove the remainder."

There's also talk satellites and radar could be brought in find the missing shipping containers.

So far there have been no reported injuries to wildlife. However, there has been an unconfirmed report of a fishing trawler snagging on a submerged object about 25 kilometres off the coast of Newcastle.

The financial cost of the environment disaster is also mounting, with reports the clean up bill is in the tens of thousands of dollars per day.

The insurer of Taiwanese shipping company Yang Ming is covering the cost.

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