Petition Started To Have Traffic Lights At Fatal Intersection

Locals want to see a change

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A man died and a woman was critically injured in a crash at the Allendale Drive Alligator Creek intersection and now locals want to see a change to the intersection which has proven to be deathly dangerous. 

Last week's tragedy saw a truck, van, and sedan crash in a scene that ended with one fatality and a woman being charged.

A 53-year-old woman, a tourist from Germany will be in court, charged with driving without due care and attention causing death and grievous bodily harm.

Burdekin MP Dale Last and Alligator Creek locals have launched a petition to get traffic lights put in at the intersection.

Details of the request are on the Queensland Parliament website:

"We request the installation of traffic signals at this intersection as it is a significant safety hazard and dangerous intersection which is heavily utilised by cars and trucks."

"This is a cross road with traffic travelling along Allendale Drive and Bentley Drive able to go straight ahead across the Bruce Highway or to the left or right."

The intersection is also the entry point for the Alligator Creek Roadhouse. 

You can sign the petition at this link



Carley Whittington

17 June 2019

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Carley Whittington

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