Peter From ‘Jumanji’ Sure Grew Up To Be Pretty Damn Successful

You go Glen Coco...

Carly Heading

12 April 2019

Carly Heading

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Bradley Pierce AKA Peter Shepherd from Jumanji is basically life goals.

We all fell in love with Bradley back in 1995… yeah Jumanji was released in 1995.

Where has the time gone?


We are kinda ashamed to say that we had NO IDEA Bradleyhas starred in so many roles. He started acting at age 6 and is known for voicing Chip in Disney's Beauty and the Beastand Tails in the cartoon series Sonic the Hedgehog.

Bradley also played Pete Lender in The Borrowers and played autistic child named Michael in Cries from the Heart/Touch of Truth.

And obviously Peter in Jumanji.



He is now 36 years-old and is killing it at life.



Bradley is involved with many charities. He has worked for several years with the Los Angeles based Kids With A Causehelping as a youth ambassador and also works with The Red Cross and Los Angeles Children's Hospital along with theYMCA as a counsellor! WHAT A GOOD HUMAN!



It gets better; he is still acting to this day and is producing short films.

He got married in 2005 and has three kids.


See we told you… GOALS!

Image Credit: Interscope

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