Pet Bird From Brisbane Hops On A Cruise Ship...And Ends Up In New Zealand


2 February 2018

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It seems as though us humans aren't the only ones enjoying the summer, with this adventurous pet bird taking itself abroad.

Harri the friendly galah lives in Brisbane with his family in an aviary.

However, when his family decided to go on a cruise, Harri decided he should come too.

While his owners went on a trip around Queensland's coast, Harri mistakenly boarded a ship to New Zealand.

It's not known how Harri got to the cruise terminal, or when he embarked on his voyage, however while cruising across the ditch he was discovered as a stowaway.

New Zealand's Ministry for Primary Industries wasn't going to let the cruise ship in unless Harri was euthanised, secured or bonded to the vessel.

So cruise ship staff gave Harri his own cabin.

Luckily, Harri was microchipped, so the staff at P&O were able to get in touch with his family.

According to P&O, a bottle of wine was even sent from Harri to his family on the other cruise ship, with the message 'hope you're having as much fun on Aria as I'm having on Sea Princess'.

It is understood that the government and biohazard officials are working to ensure that a reunion between Harri and his family can take place without issue when the ships dock.

Harri the friendly galah is normally a Brisbane resident who calls an aviary home. But when she heard her family was going on a cruise she was not about to be outdone. Her owners Michelle and Brett and four-year-old daughter Georgia were all set to go cruising this week on Pacific Aria. "Hang on a minute," Harri said to herself. "Don't think for a minute you will be leaving me at home." Somehow, the fully-flighted Harri was able to take wing. Where did Harri go from her Brisbane home? Straight to Portside Cruise Terminal where Sea Princess was due to sail for New Zealand that day. Not knowing a Pacific Aria from a Sea Princess, Harri jumped on board the Princess ship thinking her family would be somewhere on board. Sadly not, Harri was heading for NZ alone and the family was off on a coastal Queensland cruise. New Zealand authorities caught up with Harri across the ditch and by this time she had a cabin to herself and her own laminated crew card. Sitting pretty! They say every day in cruising is different but this is a truly unique situation. To have Harri the galah cruising as a stowaway on one of our sister ships, Sea Princess, while his family cruises on another of our ships, Pacific Aria, is truly unique. It’s a classic feel-good story with everyone in the two cruise lines and government authorities doing everything they can to achieve a great family reunion when Sea Princess arrives in Brisbane on Sunday while accounting for all biosecurity requirements. Needless to say, the lines are running hot between Sea Princess and Pacific Aria to give the family regular updates on Harri’s progress. We even delivered a bottle of wine to the family on Pacific Aria from Harri with a note saying ‘hope you’re having as much fun on Aria as I’m having on Sea Princess’. The family are the heroes in this; Harri was microchipped and his family easily contacted as a result.

- P&O Cruises Australia

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