Perth's Very Own Virtual Reality Gaming Arcade

The future is here...

19 June 2017

Did you know? Perth has its very own Virtual Reality gaming arcade, and we've only just found out about it.

It's called Optimus Gaming and it's located in Balcatta. Up to a group of 6 people can have a go and experience what is the future of gaming.

The experience itself is unique, to say the least. You have a choice of games to play, with most offering at least a two player co-op option (some can offer up to 6 players co-op).

You are adorned with a headset, headphones and the funkiest controllers we've seen in gaming yet.

The full kit is something to behold.

The gaming itself though is just awesome. The intro to VR video you sit through immediately takes you into a new world, and the controls are basic enough to pick up.

We played the game Raw Data, which comprises you and a mate taking on waves of invading robots and drones. Before you know it, you're under attack and doing your best to take out a robot army.

You can see a bit of the game (and what you look like) in the following video.


What's more, Optimus Gaming also offer a Rally Experience, so any budding Sébastien Loeb's can get their fix without the expense and/or the danger.

There's actually a heap to do in terms of actual Virtual Reality, and from what we've seen this is Perth's first taste of it, so it's well worth talking to some mates and giving this a red hot go.

Written by: @dantheinternut

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