People Who Read Harry Potter Are BETTER Humans & We Knew It!

HP makes you a better person!

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

18 November 2017

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Have you ever noticed how wonderful people who read and love Harry Potter tend to be?

Well, it turns out that reading Harry Potter - and having read it growing up- means that you are generally a better person. 

Yep - you read that correctly. 


According to a new study, those who have read Harry Potter are found to be happier and better people over those who do not or have not read it. 

The information was broken down by and they explained how there were three parts to the study. 


The study saw researchers give 34 Italian school kids a six-week course on Harry Potter. 

To start off, students were asked to fill out a questionnaire on immigrants, and then the group was split into two to read carefully selected passages from the books. 

The first group discussed themes of prejudice and bigotry in the series, while the others did not and were used as a control group. 

The first group, after the course, showed more improved attitudes towards immigrants and marginalised groups, but only if they identified with Harry Potter. 

Another study saw 117 Italian high school students interviewed, and found that those who emotionally identified with Harry had more positive views of LGBT persons. 

The thread study, which saw U.K. university students surveyed, found that students who had less of an emotional identification with Voldemort had better attitudes towards refugees. 


The studies concluded that reading Harry Potter has a very positive impact on people and their views of those around them… 

Haven’t read the series yet? You better start now!

Or are you a totally obsessed HP fan and about to rub this in everyone’s face?

The study can be found HERE

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