People Fit Into These FOUR Types, Which Are YOU?

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Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

26 August 2017

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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We’re all human beings, but there’s no denying that we are all so different to one another that sometimes we think our sibling is an alien. 

But while we all have our unique traits and quirks, we all fit into four basic personality types. 


In her recent book, The Four Tendencies: The Surprising Truth About The Hidden Personality Types That Drive Everything We Do, Gretchen Rubin details four types of people so we are better able to understand and influence others. 

Fancy finding out which one YOU are?


Behold the FOUR character types:


This group of people, “respond readily to outer and inner expectations.


  • Hate to let other people down
  • Hate to let themselves down
  • Are driven by routine
  • Can keep New Year’s Resolutions

Example of an Upholder: Hermione Granger


This group of people meet outer expectations, but they struggle to keep the commitments they make to themselves. 


  • Are at work ON TIME
  • Rarely cancel at the last minute
  • Sincerely don’t want to let people down
  • Are a people please
  • Are motivated by external pressures

Example of an Obliger: Andre Agassi.


As you’d expect, people in this group need justifications for ALL everything people expect of them and ask of them, including what they expect themselves. 

They questions EVERYTHING required of them and only carry out the task if it makes sense. 


  • Experience ‘decision paralysis’, and being ‘committed’ to doing things isn’t enough to make them do it.
  • Always ask, “But WHY should I go?” / WHY should I do that?
  • Stick to worthwhile habits

Examples of Questioners: Steve Jobs and Jane Eyre


This group is the smallest group of people. 


  • Resit expectations forced upon them
  • Rebel against routine
  • May struggle to hold down a job
  • Exercise sporadically
  • Pull the plug as soon as something is working for them

Example of a Rebel: Picasso.

Which category do YOU fit into?

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