People Are Putting Leotards On Their Dogs Now Because Shedding Sucks

Where did this come from?!

6 January 2018

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Dogs are man's best friend and are the most cuddly, loyal and fun pets you could possibly own!

Cat people may disagree with this statement but let's be real, cats can be about their cuddle times and their definition of cuddling is usually sitting on your face when you're lying in bed.

It happens, trust me.

You won't find many dogs that do that, but what many dogs do unfortunately do, is shed.

Shedding sucks, not only because it gets stuck in your clothes, carpet and basically everything else, but it's also a pain to get rid of.

This is where Shed Defender comes in and provides you with a colourful leotard that stops your pets from shedding whilst looking like they just walked out of an aerobics class.


The spandex pet suits cost $40 each and are recommended to be worn by your pups for only a few hours a day, so let's not overdo it and make your dog super uncomfortable...

The main purpose of the leotard is to reduce shedding, but they can also be used to protect your pets from ticks and fleas, and keep them warm in cooler climates!


The suit can also calm anxious pooches and even stop them from barking, which is great if you have a serial yelper...

If you're thinking of getting one of these for your dogs, you can purchase the Shed Defender here and a portion of your payment will be donated to an animal shelter!


2018 is proving to be a very interesting year already...

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