Pennicott Wilderness Journeys One Million Dollar Offer To Tasmanians

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Pennicott Wilderness Journeys is pledging a million dollars’ worth of travel vouchers towards their world-class cruises for the Tasmanians who missed out on the State Government’s travel voucher scheme.

The ‘Make Yourself at Home’ initiative distributed $7.5 million dollars’ worth of accommodation and travel vouchers to Tasmanians in a bid to boost the local tourism industry.

The vouchers we’re fully subscribed to within an hour of becoming available and lots of people missed out.

The owner of Pennicott Wilderness Journeys, Robert Pennicott, spoke about his million-dollar offer.

Pennicott said that the government scheme is a great initiative that will put an estimated thirty million dollars into the Tasmanian economy however he doesn’t want anyone to miss out on the chance to explore the states backyard.

“A lot of people who missed out would have used their vouchers for our tours, so we decided to put 1 million dollars’ worth of vouchers on the table.”

Pennicott Wilderness Journeys is giving out a $50 voucher per adult and a $150 voucher per family if you purchase a ticket directly via the Pennicott Wilderness website.

“Tasmanians are normally 20 percent of our market and it’s remarkable that they are 100 percent now and until borders open that will be the case.”

Pennicott said he is in no hurry for the borders to open again because he believes the safety of Tasmanians is more important.

“With the generosity of Tasmanians, it gets us through to when the borders are open.”

The vouchers can be purchased until September 30 or until sold out and can be used until April 1, 2021.


Find more information and get your voucher here.

Chelsea Wilde

10 September 2020

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Chelsea Wilde

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