Paul Burrell Opens Up About His Last Moments With Princess Diana On 'I'm A Celeb'

It was very emotional...

15 February 2018

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Paul Burrell may only have been in the jungle for two days, but in those two days, he's opened up quite a bit and shared an emotional story about the last time he spoke with Princess Diana.

After completing his first Tucker Trial in the South African jungle, Paul, who was previously a Royal butler, started telling Jackie Gillies about the last time he spoke to Princess Diana before he untimely death in Paris, France.

Paul explained that they were extremely close and when he saw her body after it was transported back to England, he said he held her hand and hoped she was playing a joke on him.

He had hoped that she was soon going to wake up and reveal that it was all an elaborate joke but when he squeezed her hand, she remained lifeless.


Paul started to tear up as he told his new campmate that he's "starting to forget what she looked like", "what she smelt like" and "what she sounded like".

He was worried that the world would forget her but Jackie assured him that that would never happen.

"She is too big to be forgotten."

Paul then told Jackie the last thing Princess Diana said to him before she died.

Whilst she was in France, Paul spoke to Diana on the phone and the last thing she said to him was, "promise me you'll always be there".

And, of course, he obliged.


He also said that he believes that Diana is watching over him because a few years after she passed, Paul met the love of his life and he said that he thought that "she sent him to me".

Now this, this is just beautiful. 


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