Parts Of Australia Are Hitting 49 Degrees Right Now!


Carly Heading

28 December 2018

Carly Heading

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Does anyone else feel like they are literally on fire? Because same.

Once again, every year, we somehow always forget that it gets REALLY hot in Australia during summer…

Will we ever get used to it? Probably not and tbh, this current heatwave is not helping our lives at all.


Temperatures have soared over the last few days, and they aren’t going to stop anytime soon.

They peaked at 49.1°C at Marble Bar in Western Australia.

Yup, 49!!


We now know how Olaf felt when he started to melt.


W.A isn’t the only state being hit with extreme temps, South Australia’s mid north region reached 47 degrees, with Alice Springs reaching over 44 and western Sydney is being hit with temps around 42.

Temperatures in Victoria also reached around 40 degrees.

While December is normally hot, we are currently having temps 10 to 15 degrees higher than usual for late December and they are only gonna stick around.

This weekend, the heatwave is expected to peak.


All we really have to say is- FML.

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