Parking Prices Set To Skyrocket In Hobart City Council Owned Carpark

Commuters slugged

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Hobart's commuters using the city's Liverpool/Barrack St carpark will get slumped with a $300 per month parking fee from July 1.

The additional $660 on each car space for the year, boosts the annual fee going to the council’s coffers up by a further $25,080.

Despite other council run carpark fees jumping by only $10, Hobart City Council's General Manager Kelly Grigsby said fees and charges are reviewed annually.

“As part of the annual fee review, benchmarking is undertaken with other Hobart parking providers to ensure the city’s fees are in line with commercial market rates and in the case of the Liverpool/Barrack Street carpark, the existing rate was found to be well below the market rate"

- Hobart Council GM Kelly Grigsby

Chief Executive of Tasmanian Small Business Council (TSBC) Robert Mallett said increasing the rates to commercial level was reasonable, however he said the cost of long-term carparking highlighted the need for better public transport.

“The Hobart City Council should be doing more to work in concert with organisations like Metro to make it easier for people to travel to the city on a daily basis rather than feeling like they have to have a permanent commercial car park”

- TSBC Chief Executive Robert Mallett

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Permit holders were advised of the changes last week after the council adopted the changes to the 2021-22 fees and charges schedule.

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7 June 2021

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