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Paperchain bookstore is an institution. It has been around since 1980s (yep that is pretty much older than you, me and everyone we know).

When you walk in the store has a very nostalgic experience. There are a few chairs around each section so you can have a quick read before making your purchase. There are all the categories you'd expect to find in a bookstore, from fiction to children's books. What makes Paperchain different is the range of books in the arts, humanities, design and environmental sections. They include so many hard to find books and a few surprises so its best to head in and take a look at what's on offer. 

You may not know this but the store is run independently so buying books here means you are supporting a true local business. 

If you haven't been, be sure to visit or check out their website. Paperchain is open Monday to Sunday 9am to 7pm. 

Check out our visit to the store below:

30 December 2020

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