Pandemic Bill Protestors Rally As Dan Slams Extremists

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Victoria reported 996 new infections on Wednesday and sadly nine more Covid-related deaths.

The rise in cases from Tuesdays 797 infections, brings the states active coronavirus cases to 14,260, with 357 people in hospital, with 58 of those actively in ICU and 35 are on ventilators.

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Another 65 people are in intensive care with Covid, but the health Department have confirmed their infections are no longer considered active.

The new cases were detected from a whopping 72,010 swabs collected on Tuesday, while 6692 vaccine doses were administered at state-run hubs, with more at GP clinics and pharmacies.

As of Wednesday morning, 87 per cent of Victorians aged over 12 are now fully vaccinated.

Meantime protestors have spent a third night on the steps of the Victorian Parliament as they protest the state's controversial pandemic bill.

Government debate continued until almost midnight last night with the second reading passed, under a heavy-handed approach using a gag order.

The opposition's David Davis has called the Andrews government 'un-democratic' to drive this through.

"Well, I tell you if the government uses this tactic, it will force the bill through the lower house in just 36 hours without proper debate, without proper scrutiny"

- MP David Davis

Under the bill the Victorian Premier can declare a pandemic and enforce public health orders without putting it to Parliament. 

However, Premier Daniel Andrews said the perceived threats levelled against him by protesters this week, including the displaying of prop gallows on the steps of the parliament house is not warranted.

"What I’d say is this there are some people who are threatening me. threatening my family. They are essentially attacking the safety of my family".

"Let me be really clear and the message is, I will not be deterred from the work I’m doing to keep every family safe. That’s the work that I’ve been given to do. That’s the job that we have to do," he said.

"So, there are some out there who are making threats against me and Catherine and the kids. That’s not my focus. My focus is keeping every single Victorian family safe, and I wouldn’t want that the appalling, the disgusting, and the potentially criminal behaviour of a small number of people to detract away from the amazing job that so many Victorians have done"

"It is so unfair for a small, ugly mob to be taking attention away from the more than 90% of Victorians who have had a first dose and will soon have had a second dose. That’s where our focus should be. I’m proud of those Victorians and I’m deeply grateful to those Victorians," the premier boasted.

"Debate is fine. This disagreement is fine, that is a part of our system. What we have seen in recent days and weeks is not fine. It is awful. But it does not speak to the values the views and conduct of the vast, vast majority of Victorians".

- Premier Andrews

The Andrews government is expected to forge ahead with no further amendments made to the proposed pandemic bill.


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16 November 2021

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