Outrage Over Anti-Vax Doco Screening At Charlestown

There are calls for an investigation..

29 July 2017

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The screening of a highly controversial anti-vaccination documentary at a Charlestown community centre, has prompted anger from a Lake Macquarie councillor.

Organisers of Vaxxed refused to reveal the Newcastle location of Friday night's screening until two hours beforehand, to avoid protesters.

It's now emerged the film was shown at The Place: Charlestown Community Centre, a not-for profit joint venture between Lake Macquarie City Council and the GPT Group.

Lake Macquarie councillor Kevin Baker, who's a director of the centre, says he was horrified to learn the film had been screened there.

“Vaccinations are a vital part of a modern healthy society, and I am a staunch advocate for them. Having close family with Autism, I am extremely offended by the claims made in this so called "documentary".” he said.

He's called for a full investigation into how organisers managed to secure the venue.

The film's been shown in Queensland in recent days as part of a national tour, generating public outcry and calls from doctors for it to be banned.

Organisers were accused of tricking a Gold Coast principal into letting them hire out his school hall to show the film, after claiming it was a seminar on organic vegetables.

The film has been banned from being shown in cities around the world.

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