Our Very Own Ash Pollard Is PREGNANT!

Gawndy & Ash Pollard

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It was a huge morning as Hit101.3 on-air duo Gawndy & Ash Pollard shared a special moment. Thinking he was part of just another show game ‘Mystery Box Challenge’, Gawndy was handed gloves, a blindfold and was told to guess what Ash placed in the box! As Gawndy unknowingly ran his fingers over the item and even took it up to his nose for a whiff, Ash danced with nervous energy. After removing his blindfold, it still hadn’t sunk in for Gawndy… Ash finally shouted, “I’m PREGNANT!” Holding a freshly taken pregnancy test, Ash revealing herself and partner ‘Pistol Pete’ were expecting their first child.

We think Gawndy is still unsure if its true or not, but hey... CONGRATULATIONS ASH!!



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Kalun Townsend

16 March 2020

Article by:

Kalun Townsend

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