Love 'em or hate 'em, they're tradition!

25 December 2016

Article heading image for OUR TOP 20 (BEST) BON BON JOKES

By Renee Bogatko, Image Credit - amarosy/123rf.com

Chrissie lunch just wouldn’t be the same without busting open those bon bons, complete with the paper crowns, cheap plastic toys and of course, the corny jokes!

Their lameness unites families through endless giggles and eye rolls.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re tradition, so we thought we’d share some of the best and worst with you!

Here’s our top 20 (best) bon bon jokes:

How did the human cannonball lose his job?

He got fired

Why does a baker bake bread?

Because he kneads the dough

Why did the birdie go to hospital?

To get a tweetment.

Why did the skeleton go to the New Year's Eve party?

He had no body to go with

Why do pens get sent to prison?

To do long sentences

What did the girl say to her grandfather when he fell in the river?

Paddle, pop!

What do you get if you cross a skeleton and a detective?

Sherlock Bones

What do snowmen call their kids?


What does the carpet salesman give to his wife for Valentine's Day?

Rugs and kisses

Hear the joke about the wall?

I cant get over it..

What do you call a one eyed dinosaur?

Do you think he saw us? 

What do you get if you cross a stereo with a refrigerator?

Cool music

What is Santa’s favourite thing to do in the garden?

Hoe, hoe, hoe!

Which type of dog has no tail?

A hotdog

What do you call a deer with no eyes?

No idea

What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs?

Still no idea

Who delivers presents to dogs?

Santa Paws.

Why did the scientist install a knocker on his door?

He wanted to win the no-bell prize

What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations?


What kind of room has no windows or doors?

A mushroom

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