Otto's Have Announced They're Expanding...AGAIN!


Carley Whittington

18 June 2018

Carley Whittington

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Need some fresh bread? Otto's. 
Need a salad for lunch? Otto's. 
Need a delish donut? Otto's. 
Need some deli meet? Otto's.
Need amazing Italian food? Otto's!  

Over the weekend the Townsville foodie fun spot announced they're EXPANDING AGAIN! 


This time it's all about Italian food, and the precinct will be known as 'Otto's Italian Job'. 

Otto's Italian Job on Instagram teased that the pizzas will be cooked in a HUGE oven...check it out! 


The Townsville taste bud treater opened their Chicken Shop expansion in November 2017, now this- who knows what will be next! 

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