Osher Live Tweeting The Bachelor is The Greatest Gift To The Internet

'He's an entire cutlery drawer'

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One man has carved a name for himself as the most admired, the most respected, and the guy with the best hair in Bachelor history, that man is Osher Günsberg.

Too often we’ve seen contestants get more excited at meeting Osher, than their potential future partner, and too often has he out dressed all of the contestants.

Although it’s not just great hair, great suits, and the perfect whisper voice that makes Osher an icon of The Bachelor, it’s also his commitment to live-tweeting his thoughts throughout each and every single Bachelor episode, in the most spectacular way.

For example:


In case you're wondering, yes he is as confused as we are about the Bella and Irena feud:


He had some thoughts about that weird date that Locky and Izzy went on, where they had a giant ball of string and Locky requested she bestow one baby girl and one baby boy upon him, and then proceeded to awkwardly spoon:


When Juliette left the mansion in the most epic edit we've ever seen, he gave us some clarity on what happened to her:


He let us behind the curtain at the hometown visits:


Finally, he is aware of how his whisper levels change from episode to episode:


Osher Günsberg is truly our Bachelor King, and I don't what we did to deserve him, but we are forever grateful.

Osher's tweet about Bella & Irena's feud isn't the only time he's spoken out about it, and he isn't the only person tied to the Bachelor franchise who has taken sides:

Want more Bachie news? Catch up here:

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23 September 2020

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