Orthodontists Warn Against Dangerous "DIY Braces"

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24 May 2019

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Orthodontists are warning against “DIY braces” now being offered in Australia – saying they could lead to underwhelming results or even cause damage.

Specialist orthodontist Dr. Theresia Sudjalim  says specialists are worried increasingly popular DIY orthodontic treatment – including treatments offered in malls could cause more harm than good.

“It’s a great concern to our profession – as specialist orthodontists we end up having to fix a lot of things that can go wrong when people just think that teeth straightening is a really easy thing to do.” 

She said the treatments, which can be bought online,  often over-promise and under-deliver.  

“Teeth straightening is actually quite a complex medical procedure just like any other medical procedure, even though it might seem simple to begin with, you can cause more harm than good.” 

“When you see a specialist orthodontist – whether it’s a simple straightening procedure or correcting the bite or changing your face, there’s a lot of things that go into it. It’s a science and an art.” 

And while the treatments might seem like a cost saver at first – poor results could lead to a need for expensive remedial work, including surgery.

Listen here for more from Dr Sudjalim:


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