Only One In 10 Rentals In NSW Are 'Pet Friendly'

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7 November 2018

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New statistics show that as few as one in 20 rental properties on the market are advertised as 'pet friendly'.

The research, courtesy of, involved a survey of 70,000 properties and 100,000 pet resumes.

From this, it was discovered that only five per cent in NSW explicitly allow pets.

However, one in two rental properties does not explicitly state whether pets are allowed or not.

"With more than 70,000 residential rental listings on our site, we can see that on average, 10% indicate pets are allowed, 40% say pets are not welcome, but about half make no mention of pet-friendliness," CEO Greg Bader said.

From the data, the most accommodating state or territory in terms of being explicitly and outright pet friendly is Queensland with 15 per cent, while Victoria sits at the other end of the spectrum at two per cent.

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