One Of Your Favourite Lollies Has Just Been Taken Off Of Supermarket Shelves


15 May 2018

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Grab the tissues because you're not going to like the news we have for you right now...

Coles and Woolworths have decided to stop selling Starburst lollies after the company quietly stopped producing those tasty fruit chews that you love way back in December 2015.

Did anyone even notice that they were gone?! How did we miss that?!


A spokesperson from Coles responded to a Starburst fans on Facebook this morning, confirming the devastating news.

"Unfortunately we can confirm that Starburst varieties have been removed from our national range.

"We understand how frustrating it can be to see a favourite product disappear from the shelf and we can assure you that this decision is not one made lightly.

"It’s our job to provide customers with choice and value but with limited shelf space we have to balance providing choice with making sure the most popular products customers want to buy are available every time they shop. Keeping products that are not selling on shelf makes this difficult.

"We’re sorry for the disappointment and we’ll ensure your feedback is shared with our Merch Team so they’re aware."


More customers have asked the supermarket why they have stopped selling Starburst products and have received a similar response.

Now, there's currently a petition to bring back Starburst lollies to Australian supermarkets and it currently has 97 signatures. 

The creator, Katherine M, said that she created the petition calling the whole thing a "conspiracy".

"I think it’s a cop-out when your grocery store deletes lines that you’ve always purchased, citing no demand for the product.

"I think it’s a giant conspiracy to demand more money from companies for their shelf space. I get that this isn’t exactly an earth-shattering, world-changing issue.

"Everyone knows, though, how annoying it is to go to a grocery store to find your favourite items are being deleted in favour of home-brand products or just deleted altogether.

"Lavazza coffee have also had a couple of their coffee strengths removed from shelves recently, too. So now I’m wondering ... who will be stocking Starburst products? Woolworths and Coles have both removed Starburst products from shelves with no valid reason given by staff.

"I’m extremely devastated. I’m a gym junkie with an addiction to Starburst snakes. I think I kept them in business just with my mild (heavy) addiction. I can’t do Allens snakes, can’t do Allens lollies. Let’s face it, they aren’t Starburst."


You can sign the petition here if you want to get Starburst back on Aussie shelves.

It's like Caramilk all over again...


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