One Of The Biggest Myki Questions Has Been Answered

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Bree Gashparac

13 June 2019

Bree Gashparac

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Most Melburnians are pretty familiar with the Myki system. Top up your card, tap on at the start of your journey and tap off at the end of it... pretty straightforward stuff.

To keep those hefty fines at bay, tram users need to whip out their card and tap on to have a valid ticket. Having said that, those who pre-pay their fares with a Myki Pass technically already have a valid ticket when they first activate it. It's left us wondering... do people with Myki Passes actually need to tap on on trams?

We asked Public Transport Victoria if we really need to tap on and off with a pass... and they said NO!

A spokesperson explained that whilst it is encouraged, tapping on isn't necessary for Myki Pass holders as their ticket is already good to go.

Another Melbourne mystery solved!


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