One of our FAVOURITE stores turns 50 today!

It's time for a shop.

Article heading image for One of our FAVOURITE stores turns 50 today!

This is news for all the Brenda's in the world!

Kmart is turning 50 today and let me tell you, we're here for it. 

The much loved, on trend, it tells us what to buy store first opened in Burwood Victoria in 1969 as a discount department store. 

It's now got 232 stores across the country with the in-house design team keeping our bedrooms, homes and pets in style all year round. 

Not that you need an excuse to get to Kmart but now you've got a reason to go. 

Remember- you don't need a list, they put stuff in the aircons so when you walk in it tells you what you need. 

29 April 2019

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