One Of Ali's Bachelors Cheated On His Girlfriend Inside Her Own House!

We've got the goss...

11 October 2018

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Brace yourselves, we've got some tea to spill and it's HUGE news for Ali Oetjen and everyone involved with The Bachelorette.

Lat night, we were introduced to the group of guys fighting for Ali's heart and although we've already seen Ivan trying to impress everyone with a dance number, twice, and Paddy getting in a row with Nathan, that's nothing compared to what the Hit Network's A.B revealed on air this morning.

It turns out A.B knows one of the guys on The Bachelorette this season because he used to date a friend of hers and well, things didn't end well for those two...

Whilst speaking to Ali this morning, A.B shared her story with the bachelorette and you're going to want to sit down for this:

"He was going out with one of my friends. She had bought a house and he was running around town telling everybody that it was his house that he'd bought [and] that he was this big baller with his house and, in fact, inviting girls back to that house saying, 'come to my sweet pad, it's near the city, it's a good time' and when they asked, 'there's some girls clothes around here' he said, 'I'm just letting my ex-girlfriend stay while she tries to find a new place'."

Have a listen to Ali's reaction to the story below:

We wonder if she'll figure out who it is...

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