'One Million By 2045', GC Population Booming

Calls For Major Infrastructure Changes

Matt Petropoulos

23 January 2019

Matt Petropoulos

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The Gold Coast's population is growing much faster than expected.

Predictions from 2015 previously forecast the population to reach around 621,751 by 2021, a mark that is now expected to soar to 650,349 instead.

The figures from the Treasury mean that if population growth keeps going at this pace the city will reach the 1 million mark by 2045.

Planning committee chair Cameron Caldwell called on the Queensland government to provide the roads and other infrastructure upgrades to keep up.

"We know that people will continue to want to live in our city," said Cr Caldwell.

"So we need to make sure we are planning for that projected growth.

"It is absolutely critical that infrastructure be delivered to make sure that our way of life here on the Gold Coast is protected."

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