OH SUGAR! Sydney Is Getting A Pop-Up Dessert Museum

Like a Willy Wonka dream

Carly Heading

25 September 2018

Carly Heading

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If you have a sweet tooth.. this is the museum for you!

Australia's sweetest dessert museum is coming to Sydney early next year!

It’s called Sugar Republic and we can expect all the candy filled fun.

It has just wrapped up in Melbourne and is now in Brisbane, naturally it has become a pretty big attraction across our states.


We are talking 14 dessert-filled rooms, a retro candy store and even a sweet-themed cafe.

In Melbourne, they had a giant gumball machine, an adult-sized ballpit, a fairy floss room with a swing sherbet-filled rainbow bridge, a 'press for confetti' button, an interactive sprinkles wall and a neon art wall!


So, we are hoping we get the same!

The location for the Sydney pop up is yet to be released, but all we know is that it is coming early next year to a Myer store!


Tickets are due to go on sale early next month.

For more information, check out their website here.

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