Oh My Pacey: Dawson’s Creek Is Coming To Netflix Next Month!

It’s happening!

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The WB

Netflix has answered our prayers today and announced that Dawson’s Creek will be available to stream from the 1st November!

Yes, the show which introduced us to James Van Der Beek, Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson, Katie Holmes, and all their love triangle drama in Capeside is back.

Unfortunately for fans of the original theme song, 'I Don’t Want To Wait' by Paula Cole, the streaming service will feature Jann Arden’s ‘Run Like Mad'  instead.

But, for someone who had to binge watch the entire series on DVD with the track, I’ll tell you, the ‘Run Like Mad’  theme song REALLY grows on you, so give it a chance!

Prepare to relive the best moments, from Pacey buying Joey a wall and remembering everything, to witnessing primetime TV’s first ever kiss between two men. This show made history!

If you’ve never watched before, just you WAIT for season 3 - the superior season. Also, bring a dictionary because these teens have a better vocabulary than you ever will.

Good thing we no longer have to wait for our lives to be over to watch this teen classic! 

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Entertainment News Team

19 October 2020

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Entertainment News Team

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