Odds Are You're Not Washing Your Towels And Sheets Enough

Just gross.

12 January 2018

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It's the chore that is just about the easiest to put off.

But it turns out that sheets and towels need to be washed a lot more frequently than you're probably doing it.

According to Expert Home Tips, bed sheets should be washed once a week at a 60C temperature in order to kill dust mites and other bacteria.

Also, given the amount of sweating done in your sleep - approximately 25ml per hour - if you're a bit slack when it comes to washing your linens, soon enough you'll be sleeping in an actual pool of sweat.

It is also recommended that bed linens are pulled back each morning and the window in the room should be opened in order to air out the bed.

When it comes to kitchen towels, while most people may think that chucking them in the wash once a week is enough, it turns out it should be done as often as once a day.

This is due to the presence of raw meat and dirty vegetables, which provides a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria that can make you sick.

Bath mats and pedestal mats should be washed weekly, with this a huge breeding ground for germs and bacteria due to the fact that bath mats are almost always damp and rarely dry out, and pedestal mats are exposed to so much urine and faecal matter.

Bath towels should be making a visit to the laundry every three uses due to the amount of dead skin cells and dampness they are exposed to.

For hand towels, every two days is a good time to pop them in the wash to keep germs down.

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