Nutella Factory Shut Down Due To "Quality Defect"

A quarter of the world's production

25 February 2019

Article heading image for Nutella Factory Shut Down Due To "Quality Defect"


A factory which produces around a quarter of the world’s Nutella has been shut down due to a “quality defect”.

Nutella’s Italian owner Ferrero, whose products also include Ferrero Rocher chocolates, on Wednesday said it had suspended production at the site as a precautionary measure.

“As far as I am aware at the moment, there is no health problem,” French Agriculture Minister Didier Guillaume told CNews.

“From what I know, this is an economic problem.”

The factory produces around 600,000 jars a day.

“For now, we can say no products currently on the market are impacted by the situation and that the supply to our customers continues without interruption,” the company said.


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