NSYNC Turns 25 This Year, But The Band Has a Dark Past

Can't believe it's been 25 years!

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This year we are celebrating 25 years of NSYNC, they've given us the soundtrack to our childhoods, but the Band has a dark past and hard beginning

NSYNC have made their mark on the music industry and have established themselves as pop culture icons, even people who weren’t born when they first formed, are aware that the first day of the fifth month belongs to them.

It is hard to believe that it’s been 25 years since, Justin, Joey, Chris, JC & Lance started making music together. The band seemed to go from unknowns to superstars almost overnight, but their success wasn’t as easy or as smooth sailing as it seems.

In the early days, NSYNC shared Manager Lou Pearlman, with the Backstreet Boys, so finding their own identity separate to the Backstreet Boys was a whole other ordeal, the main issue was Pearlman creating a deceptive contract, which scammed the five boys out of majority of their profits.

The group originally believed that Pearlman would take a sixth of the Band’s profit, but it turned out not only had he signed on for this, but it was also on top of his commissions and fees.

After realising the deception, the Band issued a lengthy and expensive lawsuit against Pearlman trying to break free from their contract, which had significant consequences on the Band’s health & livelihood.

Pearlman’s deceptive contract with NSYNC was just the tip of the iceberg, he was jailed in 2008 after being found guilty of conspiracy, money laundering, making false statements, and defrauded investors out of $300 million.

There’s more to the story of the beginning of NSYNC:

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29 July 2020

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