NSW School Formals, Graduation Ceremonies & Social Events Have Been Banned

Starting from Wednesday.

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As six of the seven new coronavirus cases diagnosed yesterday were locally acquired, the NSW Government has implemented tighter restrictions surrounding school events.

Starting from Wednesday, formals, dances, graduation ceremonies, choirs and all social events will be banned across New South Wales government schools.

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To prevent a further rise in cases, the following measures must be followed:

  • Students must remain within their relevant class or year group to limit mixing.
  • Schools must not travel outside their local community or zone, including between rural and regional areas.
  • Interschool sport and zone carnivals are restricted to 100 people per venue and must be held in the local area.
  • Spectators, including parents and carers, are not permitted within school grounds or at sporting events held during school hours.
  • All group singing and or other chanting activities, as well as the use of wind instruments in group settings are not permitted.
  • Dance activities and drama group work can continue under a COVID-19 Safety Plan.
  • School formals, dances, graduation or other social events are not permitted. Schools may hold a Year 12 assembly at school without parents to recognise the completion of school or consider delaying events until later in the year.

Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 is prohibited from returning to school until a negative test result has been reported.

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Hit News Team

17 August 2020

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Hit News Team

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