NSW Fast Tracks Freedom For Fully Vaccinated

From November 8

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The NSW Government has announced a further easing of restrictions for fully vaccinated people have been brought forward.

The changes were scheduled for December 1, but Premier Dominic Perrottet announced that most restrictions would be removed on Monday, November 8.

NSW fast tracks freedoms for fully vaccinated

Dancefloors will reopen at nightclubs, there will be no caps on visitors to homes, and seated capacity at stadiums and cinemas will return to 100 percent.

Current mask requirements will remain in place until the state reaches its 95 percent vaccination rate or December 15, whichever happens first.

Deputy Liberal leader Stuart Ayres says after months of sacrifice, we will return to normal life on Monday.

“We’ve had to make many sacrifices, we’ve had to sacrifice jobs, we’ve had to sacrifice hours at work, we’ve had to sacrifice freedoms to be able to protect the health and survivability of our community.”

Unvaccinated people will have to wait longer to enjoy freedoms, either waiting until December 15 when the state reaches the 95 percent vaccination rate.

The decision was made after cabinet met to discuss the measures on Monday.

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2 November 2021

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