NSW COVID Committee To Review Extension On Mask Mandate

Decision pending on mandate

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The state's COVID committee will meet on Thursday, set to decide ruling of mask wearing over the Christmas period.

Many health experts are calling for masks to remain mandatory inside, as shops and retail areas become increasingly populated leading up to Christmas.

Premier Dom Perrottet says the mask mandate has kept NSW out of trouble, and wants to uphold a consistent message.

The meeting will uncover whether the mandate on face masks need to be extended beyond December 15.

Restrictions across the state are set to ease once the 95% double vaccination rate is reached, or on December 15 - whichever arrives first.

Health workers and those in aged care will still be required to mask-up.

"Face masks and some of these restrictions have kept people safe," Premier Perrottet said.

"As we've released restrictions, we know there are inconsistencies.

"This is a balance between the economy and keeping people healthy."
The subcommittee in charge of the state's response to COVID will vote and discuss the mandate among various rules.

25 November 2021

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