NOT A DRILL: You Can Now Get Cake Versions of Arnott’s Biscuits

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17 July 2018

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We love snacking on a cheeky biscuit, but how does a CAKE sound? 

Arnott’s have turned some of Australia’s favourite biscuits, including the Iced VoVo and Mint Slice, into mini-cakes!

They are filled with all the good stuff, like the gooey caramel in Caramel Crowns. Shelves are also stocking a Monte Carlo version which is packed with raspberry jam swirl and vanilla crème. HEAVEN! 

Here's a breakdown of what you can sink your teeth into:

Iced VoVo Sponge Cakes

Iced VoVo Sponge Cakes are a vanilla sponge, topped with pale pink fondant, centred with sweet red raspberry filling and delicately sprinkled with desiccated coconut.

Mint Slice Cakes

The Mint Slice Mini Cakes are a rich dark chocolate cake, filled with a mint crème (made with the mint oil from Mint Slice!).

Caramel Crowns Brownies

The Caramel Crowns Brownies start with a delicious brownie base, filled with a gooey caramel and are finished with a milk choc layer!

Monte Carlo Cakes

Monte Carlo Cakes are a honey-coloured mini cake, made with golden syrup and coconut, and feature a vibrant raspberry jam swirl throughout the cake.

The cake packets have started to arrive in supermarkets, so keep checking your local for the first chance to sink your teeth into one of these. We checked the Coles website and they have listed the packets for $5.50 each.


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