North Queensland Separationists Calling For New State

Should North QLD be its own state?

Amber Lowther

6 June 2018

Amber Lowther

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North Queensland separationists are calling for a new state to be introduced, kicking south Queensland to the curb and backing North Queensland as a stand-alone Aussie state.

Raj Patel from Snap Printing (and former Cairns Regional Council candidate) shared his thoughts at the Boot Brisbane forum in Cairns last week, saying history is going to be made.

Barrister Peter Raffles is also backing the movement, having created the North Queensland State Party to run at the 2020 October state election.

They're targetting to win seven seats north of Rocky to "force the balance of power".


But former state treasurer and Mulgrave MP Curtis Pitt says the argument has no legs to stand on.

"It would do more harm than good to our region", he told News Corp.

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