‘Nordic White’ Hair Is The Winter Trend Your Inner Ice Queen Needs

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Like the seasons, hair trends come and go, but this is one colour that you’re going to want to show off as we enter the colder months:

Nordic White Hair. 

Just like how the Nordic people would battle the icy winters and sport naturally icy-blonde locks, you too can survive the winter in ice queen style.  

Channel your inner Daenerys Targaryen and yell ‘dracarys’ as you switch on your heater or start a warm fire in the fireplace… you know you want to.

If your hair is on the darker side, beware - many colourists will only take on clients with the lightest brown hair (and lighter shades) for such a stark white colour, because the integrity of your strands is put at risk. 

*Silently sobs because my hair is too dark for this*

If, however, your hair is naturally lighter, then a) damn you, and b) you’re in luck! 

Don’t let your queen down. Give this trend a try!


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10 May 2019

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