No, The Moon Isn't Going To Be Green Tonight

Online post fools millions

20 April 2018

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Sorry for the disappointment.. but the moon is NOT going to turn a beautiful shade of green tonight, contrary to reports doing the rounds online.

Several fake posts have gone viral on Facebook over the past few weeks, claiming that some of the planets are going to align on April 20th, 2018, which will cause the Earth's moon to appear green for 90 minutes. This phenomenon is apparently known as "green moon", and only happens every 420 years.

Well for one, if it happens every 420 years, how the heck are there HD quality images of the lunar event!?

Secondly, isn't it a nice coincidence that April 20 also happens to be National Weed Day in the US? And 4/20 is the international code for smoking up a big ol' bunch of the green stuff?

The same post with the obviously doctored photo has been popping up since 2016, the original poster apparently intended to share the image as a joke, but people started questioning whether it could in fact be true.

At least it serves as a good reminder to not believe everything you read on social media.




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