No New Cases For WA Despite Panic Over "Unusual" Fifo Worker Positive Case

1300 casual contacts waiting for results

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Cloudbreak Mine. Source: Getty Images

Despite panic surging after news a fly-in-fly-out worker returned a weak positive covid result on Wednesday, there are no new COVID-19 cases recorded in WA, for the second day running. 

Contact tracers have been working round the clock following concerns he may have been infectious whilst working at the Cloudbreak Mine in the Pilbara region from July 20 to 27 before returning back to Perth. 

So far, 20 of his 76 close contacts have tested negative for the virus, while 1300 casual contacts anxiously wait for their results. 

It's believed the man was exposed on July 20 between 4 - 7am at Perth Airport when a case had flown in, was denied entry and sent back to Queensland where they later tested positive. This is not the first time the FIFO worker has had covid, testing positive to the virus after returning from overseas travel in March 2020. 

Click here to see the list of exposure sights linked to the case which include North Fremantle, Greenwood and South Perth. 

Meanwhile, the BBC California covid-19 outbreak is over, with the ship expected to leave Fremantle Port tomorrow. 


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6 August 2021

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