No, Cadbury Hasn’t Taken The Word “Easter” Off Their Eggs This Year

They are still easter eggs

20 February 2018

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For the third year in a row, Cadbury has been forced to deny removing the word “easter” from their eggs this holiday season.

On Monday, Footy Show star Erin Molan shared  photo of “Cadbyry Dairy Milk Chocolate Eggs” with the caption “How come they don’t say Easter anymore?”.

The post has spurned an influx of comments on the company’s Facebook page, with many pledging to boycott the brand.

However, just like years before (this was first brought up in 2016)  the company hasn’t removed the word from its packaging at all :

“Most of our Easter eggs don’t say Easter or egg on the front as we don’t feel the need to tell people this — it is very obvious through the packaging that it is an Easter egg,” the spokesman told The Independent

Despite this, it hasn't stopped many angry Australians venting their views on social media:

Cadbury have multiple products available in Australia with the word “easter” on them, this includes it’s “Ultimate Easter Share Pack”, “Giant Easter Egg Tube”, “Easter Assortment” and “Easter Fun Mix”.

As demonstrated by this photo uploaded by the company to Facebook:

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