Nine Vegan Protestors Arrested At NSW Abattoir

A nationwide protest

8 April 2019

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Nine people have been arrested after chaining themselves to machinery in a NSW abattoir as part of a nationwide protest.

The animal rights activists chained themselves to a conveyor at Southern Meats about 2.30am on Monday, NSW Police said in a statement.

Police arrived at 4am but a rescue squad was required to cut the group free from the machine before they were arrested.

Three women refused to walk and were carried from the facility to a police vehicle.

Three men, one 46 and two aged 22, and six women, aged between 21 and 61, were taken to Goulburn Police Station to be charged.

The NSW abattoir has declined to comment.

The act is linked to a nationwide protest for animal rights which saw a cafe in Victoria close after what owners say is "nearly four months of constant harassment" and a similar invasion of an abattoir in Queensland.

Meanwhile in Sydney, about a dozen people dressed in black walked from Hyde Park to Martin Place on Monday morning as part of the co-ordinated national protest. The small group was escorted by police on their march.

Protest spokesperson Isy Veira said they are calling on state and federal agriculture ministers to listen to several demands, including adding an animal cruelty documentary to the school curriculum for kids over 15.

Despite the small numbers at the protest, Ms Veira was happy with the turnout.

"We've got riot police following us around so we're obviously shaking things up a bit," she told AAP.

"I think that protest and direct action and animal rights activism will continue until the demands in the statement are met.

"They aren't unreasonable demands, we're just asking for transparency and compassion."

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