Nikki Webster Announces She’s Re-Releasing Strawberry Kisses

We are so here for this...

Carly Heading

23 March 2017

Carly Heading

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Our very own Aussie icon Nikki Webster spoke to Em and Harley this morning and let’s just say NOTHING was off limits.

We all know that Nikki’s hit Strawberry Kisses will always hold a special place in our hearts and we love that Nikki still loves it just as much as we do!

Now, the 29-year-old could be making the mother of all comebacks… or what Em likes to call them - "Mature age comebacks."

Nikki also revealed to the Sydney breakfast show that she is so ready release a “2017 take of Strawberry Kisses” and she’s gonna make it happen and tbh we aren’t complaining.


Earlier this week, Nikki did karaoke of Strawberry Kisses on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Sunrise. ICONIC.


Watch the full clip here!

She also told the show that Strawberry Kisses was the first song she taught her 3-year-old how to sing!

Listen, if we were Nikki Webster we would be doing the same damn thing.

Or as Em would say, “keep jamming your past fame down your child’s throats.”


Oh Nikki, we love you!!

Image Credit: Nikki Webster Twitter

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