Nick & Cass Rumoured To Announce Their Relationship After Bachelor Finale


Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

1 October 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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This season of The Bachelor has been riddled with dozens of rumours and ‘spoilers’ off-screen, and now that we’re into the final week of it all, the rumours are streaming in again. 

Already, we’ve been delivered the bombshell that Brooke is supposed to walk out of the mansion, and another saying Nick cummins doesn’t actually stay with the girl he chooses as his ‘one’. 

Now, another rumour has flown in, stating that Nick actually finds his way back into Cassandra Wood’s arms after the show and that they’re going to be announcing their relationship soon after the final episode!

We all remember how heartbroken Cass was went Nick sent her home, which fans think was prompted by Brittany’s reaction to finding out about their relationships pre-The Bachelor. 

According to NW, Nick was pining after Cass during the filming of the final episodes. 


“Nick felt compelled to let Cassie go after Britt’s hometown date,” a ‘source’ revealed. 

“The pressure was on for him to prove that Cass wasn’t planted on the show for him, and he made a rash decision – but it wasn’t a decision that he sincerely wanted to make.”

We know that Nick isn’t even going to be in Australia the day of the final episode, which is strange as the winners normally do a whole promo tour the day after the finale, to show off their love. 

But no, Nick’s not going to be here, instead overseas on a holiday, and the ‘source’ said this is because both Nick and Cass are going to announce their relationship during this time. 

WHAT is going on?!

We’ll have to see how this all pans out after the final episodes of The Bachelor this week!


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